PACE Mental Health understands that various mental and behavioral health issues can feel debilitating. With several PACE locations throughout the country, including PACE Mental Health Houston and Huntington Beach Psychiatry in California, we offer transformative behavioral health services that promote whole-person healing. Our goal is to empower patients to live life on their own terms and realize their full potential.

About Our Behavioral Health Services

PACE behavioral health services brought this mother and daughter back togetherFar too many individuals with mental and behavioral challenges fail to get the appropriate psychiatric disorders therapy. Some people may not know how easy it is to find a licensed mental health therapy psychiatrist, while others put off seeking help because they believe it shows weakness. Although many individuals make the courageous decision to get professional care, they find that larger mental health clinics in their area treat them as just a number.

Fortunately for adults and adolescents struggling with complex mental health issues, PACE Mental Health has the resources to help. With short wait times and flexible appointment scheduling, we provide the individualized attention you need without disrupting your life.

We offer traditional mental and behavioral health services for all psychiatric disorders, including:

Additionally, PACE Mental Health also offers assistance for children adolescents struggling with behavioral health disorders like ADHD and conduct disorder.

Psychiatric Care for Adults and Adolescents

At PACE Mental Health, our medical professionals offer patients of all ages the chance to improve their lives. Through comprehensive mental and behavioral health services, our goal is to help everyone who comes to PACE Mental Health work toward stability and independence.

All of our mental health clinics offer:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation
  • Extensive individual counseling
  • Options for group, family and individual therapy

Don’t let mental and behavioral health challenges stop you from living your life. Contact PACE Mental Health today at 855-714-0671.