While professional behavioral health services can provide relief from substance use disorder and other conditions, sometimes it isn’t enough. Studies show that medication assisted treatment (MAT) can increase the likelihood of staying sober long after you have finish treatment. PACE Mental Health offers MAT alongside proven counseling approaches to give patients the best chance of healing. If you’re looking for a MAT Treatment option near you, we offer Houston Medication Assisted Treatment or Orange County Medication Assisted Treatment Programs.

What Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medical professional helping patient during medication assisted treatment MATDuring psychiatric disorders therapy, our goal is to give individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions the opportunity to achieve lasting stability. When appropriate, our qualified professionals use medication assisted treatment as a means of combining pharmacological support with intensive counseling. MAT is particularly effective in helping patients diagnosed with a substance use disorder gradually taper off drug use.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, MAT has several goals, including:

  • Give patients the best chance of healing
  • Prevent future opioid use
  • Increase therapy retention
  • Provide effective coping skills for post-therapy life

Suboxone Therapy

Ongoing medical supervision also minimizes the risk of potential withdrawal symptoms. Although patients ultimately want to stop using altogether, suddenly stopping opioid or heroin use can be incredibly dangerous. Proven medications such as Suboxone help keep patients safe and comfortable during the withdrawal process. Suboxone and other forms of medication assisted treatment allow individuals to slowly wean themselves off of illicit opioid abuse.

Combining MAT with Evidence-Based Therapy Approaches

Pharmacological support is only one aspect of comprehensive mental health therapy. Other facets include:

  • Psychotherapy that helps you identify negative thought and behavior patterns
  • Group therapy allows for peers in therapy to collaborate
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that addresses both the mental health disorder and the substance abuse issue

Additionally, our compassionate professionals also work with patients to develop a comprehensive relapse prevention strategy. By learning how to cope with life’s obstacles, patients can strive toward lasting independence.

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At PACE Mental Health, we provide hope and healing for individuals in search of a better life. With several locations across the country, including PACE Mental Health Houston in Texas and PACE Mental Health Springfield in Virginia, we offer flexible and convenient therapy options. Contact PACE Mental Health today at 855-714-0671 to make an appointment or learn more about our medication assisted treatment options.