Medication can be a valuable supplement to mental health therapy. However, you might worry about how you will react to certain medicines. At PACE Mental Health, we understand your concerns, which is why we provide responsible medication therapy management. To find a program close to you learn more about our Houston Medication Therapy Management or Orange County Medication Therapy Management options.

About Medication Therapy Management

Man clutching pills in need of professional medication therapy managementEvery medication has side effects. Some people even look like zombies because their doctors prescribe too much medicine. These are the issues that medication therapy management (MTM) aims to avoid. Our medical professionals protect you during every stage of care while also monitoring your progress to ensure positive outcomes.

Additionally, our team ensures that you don’t develop unsafe habits with your medications. We also improve coordination with your primary care doctor so that you continue to get support after you leave us.

Why You May Need Medication Management

Although not everyone needs medication as part of their behavioral health services, most people do. You might need medicine during psychiatric disorders therapy to help with conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. It helps clients stay balanced and focused. PACE Mental Health combines psychiatric drugs with therapy to provide the most effective care possible.

How PACE Mental Health Manages Your Medicine

Before administering medications to patients, we start the MTM process by assessing your physical and mental well-being. Medications work differently for everyone, so we might not find the right fit for you on the first try. We’ll monitor your progress with each medication to determine whether or not it works. However, we’ll do everything possible to find one that works best for you quickly.

After finding the right medicine, we’ll teach you how to safely use it. We might include educational lessons to teach you more about the drug and how it works. If your disorder requires medication to manage symptoms, we’ll also emphasize the importance of taking it.

Ongoing Medication Management

Just because you start feeling better during medication therapy management doesn’t mean that you’re magically cured. Feeling better means your regimen was effective and your medicine works.

For instance, if you have bipolar disorder, your medicine likely regulates your mood. Not taking it could lead to a depressive or manic episode. If that happens, you may engage in destructive and harmful behavior.

Following care at PACE Mental Health, we can also help you create a medication therapy management plan for home. We don’t want to risk you forgetting to take your medicine or when to take which medicine. We might suggest using pill boxes, setting alarms or timers, and making lists or schedules. These strategies help millions of people manage multiple medications.

PACE Health Properly Manages Your Mental Health Medications

Do you already take medicine for a mental health problem? Do you want better medication management? PACE Mental Health can provide the assistance that you need. We offer a full spectrum of mental and behavioral health services, including:

  • Stress and anger management
  • Psychiatric consultations and evaluations
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Follow-up appointments and relapse prevention planning for a complete continuum of care

We use a combination of services to give you the best chance of gaining lasting stability. Our staff has the training necessary to treat all mental health disorders. Some examples include personality disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobias.

Don’t try to deal with your mental health condition alone. With flexible appointment booking and short wait times, PACE Mental Health can give adults and adolescents the help they deserve. Contact our friendly staff at 855-714-0671 to learn more about medication therapy management.