Psychiatric disorders therapy can be complex. Although they’re often misunderstood, genetics, biology, brain chemistry, and hormones are often factors. At PACE Mental Health, however, we don’t just treat your mental illnesses. With several locations throughout the country, you’ll be sure to find a mental health therapy psychiatrist who can help you achieve whole-person healing. Learn more about our Orange County Psychiatric Disorders Therapy or Houston Psychiatric Disorders Therapy for more options near you.

Common Psychiatric Disorders

There are more than 200 different issues that require psychiatric disorders therapy. Although PACE Mental Health strives to treat all mental health conditions, it’s nearly impossible to discuss all of them here. Learn about some of the most common conditions.

Generalized Anxiety

Woman receiving psychiatric disorders therapy from a female therapistMost people feel anxious at some point in their lives, particularly if they’re facing stressful situations. However, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) causes ongoing, excessive anxiety that interferes with everyday activities.

You can develop GAD during childhood or adulthood, and it can become a long-term challenge. The disorder causes symptoms such as persistent worry, overthinking solutions or plans, and fear of making wrong decisions. You probably have trouble relaxing, concentrating and handling uncertainty as well.

In addition to mental signs, GAD causes physical symptoms such as trouble sleeping, fatigue, tension, and nervousness.

At PACE Mental Health clinics, we teach patients vital relaxation techniques and coping skills as part of our comprehensive psychiatric disorders therapy services.

Bipolar Disorder

Formerly manic depression, bipolar disorder is a condition that causes severe mood swings. Those with this condition experience overwhelming highs and lows. These mood swings happen at random and can be frequent or rare.

When you feel low or depressed, you could have hopelessness and sadness. You may even lose pleasure or interest in your favorite activities. When you have a high episode or mania, you get a burst of energy or become uncommonly irritable. This mood swing can make it hard to sleep, think clearly and have good judgment.

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, but you can manage it with professional psychiatric disorders therapy.

Major Depressive Disorder

Depression is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the world. It causes loss of interest and a constant feeling of sadness. The condition affects how you behave, feel, and think.

If you struggle with depression, you likely find it difficult to do normal activities. You may feel or think that your life isn’t worth anything. Small problems could trigger angry outbursts or frustration. Other common symptoms include anxiety, trouble concentrating and making decisions, and reduced or increased appetite.

Depression is more than just feeling sad for a couple of days. Psychiatric disorders therapy is necessary to address the underlying cause and learn how to change your lifestyle.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) usually develops as a result of a terrifying event. You may have experienced or witnessed this incident. While most people adjust with good self-care and time, your condition gets progressively worse. Lasting for months or years, the disorder interferes with your ability to function.

PTSD causes severe anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks. It can also make you think about the traumatic event even though you don’t want to. You might try to avoid talking about the incident or visiting where it happened. Also, you could have extreme emotional and physical reactions as well as negative changes in mood and thinking.

Effective psychiatric disorders therapy is essential to overcoming PTSD so that you have a better quality of life. Medications and relaxing techniques can reduce your symptoms. Therapy can help you deal with your emotions and learn coping skills to dampen symptoms that arise.

Find a PACE Mental Health Clinic Near You

In addition to the above psychiatric disorders, PACE Mental Health also offers comprehensive psychiatric disorders therapy and behavioral health services for the following issues:

  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Memory Problems
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

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